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Perfume Holder Spray, Perfume Holder in an elegant 8ml bottle

Perfume Holder Spray, Perfume Holder in an elegant 8ml bottle

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Material: Aluminium
Dimensions: (H x Dia.) 8.1cm x 1.7cm - 8ml
Color: Silver, Fuchsia, Black
Weight: 65g

How to use
1) Before refilling the perfume, remove the atomizer covers, spray a few times to discharge the gas in the perfume atomizer.
2) Remove the lid of your perfume.
Insert the atomizer vertically onto the perfume bottle tube, press up and down repeatedly until it fills.
4) Always monitor the amount of perfume thanks to the transparent window
5) Finish filling, try spraying 1-2 times to speed up the closing of the filling port.

6) After use, close the cap and take it with you, suitable for travel or any occasion

This refillable perfume spray has pump-to-fill technology for leak-free refilling in seconds.
This is a travel-sized, leak-proof, durable, lightweight, glass-free, air travel-approved perfume atomizer bottle for carry-on luggage.
Perfect for night out, social occasions, business trips, outdoor activities and parties, perfume gifts for friends or family!

Colors may have slight difference due to different screens.

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