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Side Sleeper Pro Air ergonomic healthcare pillow with neck support

Side Sleeper Pro Air ergonomic healthcare pillow with neck support

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Side Sleeper Sanitary Pillow, for greater comfort and the well-being of being able to sleep on your side!

When you sleep on one side, you need a pillow that supports your position. Pillows aren't just for your head and neck, they help keep your entire spine in the right position while you sleep.
Your pillow should support the natural curve of your neck.

Is it impossible for you to sleep well because you can't find a comfortable sideways position or does your partner's snoring keep you up all night?
This problem will be a thing of the past with the Side Sleeper Pro Air pillow.

Side Sleeper Pro Air offers not only a deep sleep but also ergonomic support for the neck and spine.
The ideal side sleeper pillow is adjustable so you can sleep comfortably in different positions.
It is specifically designed by a doctor and has a therapeutic effect. You need two pillows for good alignment and comfort, one for your head and the other for your knees.

Side sleeping is a popular sleeping position that benefits many people, especially those with obstructive sleep apnea, neck pain, or double sleepers.
Side Sleeper Pro Air guides your head, neck and spine into a natural position. The tail of the pillow supports your back and ensures correct posture for a peaceful night.
In addition, it also has an ear hole. It allows the head to rest back and open the airways so as to prevent snoring.

Use Side Sleeper Pro Air and you will have a good night's sleep at your fingertips!

The package includes:

1 pillow
Technical features:

Weight: 470 grams
Item dimensions: 42cm x 15cm x 37cm

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