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Curl & Straight Design 2 in 1 Simple and Intuitive Hair Straightener, Curl Effect, Soft Waves or Straight Hair, Ceramic, 150 - 230 Degrees

Curl & Straight Design 2 in 1 Simple and Intuitive Hair Straightener, Curl Effect, Soft Waves or Straight Hair, Ceramic, 150 - 230 Degrees

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With the unique and intuitive 2 in 1 design they help those who normally struggle to curl their hair with the classic straightener, creating soft waves, defined waves or straight hair, it has never been so simple. The antistatic tourmaline-infused ceramic plates promote greater glide and shine without frizz.

The Curl & Straight straightener is the perfect solution for creating quick and easy styling. Thanks to our unique and intuitive 2-in-1 design, you can create soft waves, defined curls or have smooth hair, thanks to the spiral plate system. Straighteners featuring our unique spiral design are a great help for those who normally have difficulty achieving a curly look with the help of a classic straightener, thus making styling simple and intuitive. In fact, this straightener requires little manual skill while in use, with its beveled design on the sides, it allows the hair to cool instantly, so as to fix the locks. Thanks to Curl&Straight Confidence, looking your best has never been easier!

Straight or curly, you decide! With the new spiral straightener with a unique and intuitive 2-in-1 design you can comfortably create elastic curls, soft waves or a perfect straight look at home in just a few steps. The tourmaline-infused plates with antistatic effect and the integrated micro-guide combs guarantee excellent smoothness and greater shine, eliminating annoying frizz. For bouncy curls: squeeze a small section of hair between the 2 plates, grab the cold tip and rotate the styler 180°. Maintain this position as you slide down. For soft waves: grab a medium amount of hair, apply pressure and rotate the styler 180°. Maintaining this position, rotate downwards slowly and once the work is finished, brush the hair. For perfect straightness: grab the cold tip and slide gently downwards, maintaining a position parallel to the lock.

The energy efficient hair straightener uses the most advanced technology on the market right now. Dense teeth design and insulating silica gel on the cover, firmly squeeze the hair between the heating plates and prevent it from slipping. The ceramic plates distribute the temperature evenly and at the same time release a large amount of negative ions which nourish the hair deeply. To select the temperature, press the button inside the holder. You can change it simply by turning the bottom edge of the holder (knob). We recommend preheating the appliance for 5 minutes before using it.

Digital display to adjust the temperature on 5 settings from 150 to 230°
Beveled sides that instantly heat hair for long-lasting curls
Fast heating in 30 seconds
Blocking of the plates
Universal voltage

Technical specifications:
Dimensions: 33 x 10 x 6 cm
Voltage: 110 - 220V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power: 50W
Thermal conductor: tourmaline ceramic
Cable length: 2.4m
360° rotatable power cord
Temperature 160°C - 230°C
LCD LED temperature display

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