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Techmade Joy Smartwatch Android iOS TM-JOY-

Techmade Joy Smartwatch Android iOS TM-JOY-

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Blue color

The Joy Smartwatch will capture you with its bright, youthful and trendy colors. Connect it to your Smartphone to learn about its features and what it has to offer you!

Waterproof Experience

Enjoy sport and your everyday life without fear of water!

With the Joy Smartwatch you will receive the notifications you need on your wrist.

Train in comfort
Thanks to the JOY you will have everything you need during your workouts on your wrist

Call waiting
Thanks to cellular connectivity, a vibration on your wrist will alert you to an incoming call. You will no longer need to always keep an eye on your smartphone!

Every activity and movement performed during the day is important and for this reason the pedometer function will help you know how many steps you take daily.


Do you want to know how many kilometers you travel during the day? Thanks to the distance calculation, the JOY can give you the answer you were looking for!

Knowing the amount of calories burned during the day is essential to have excellent results during your workouts to reach your weight goal.

Wrist Sense

Automatic display activation with a simple movement of the arm!

Wakes up
Program the alarm with your smartphone thanks to the dedicated App.

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