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Mini USB Humidifier with Night Lights 7 Colors Desktop Humidifier for Home Yoga Office Bedroom

Mini USB Humidifier with Night Lights 7 Colors Desktop Humidifier for Home Yoga Office Bedroom

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Product description

Convenient and practical powered humidifier with compatible USB socket, with an elegant design and LED lights with 7 different colours.

Do you often feel irritable, unable to sleep? if regular yoga or music didn't give you peace of mind for your body and mind.

Don't worry, all these problems will be far from you if you use the humidifier, you can enjoy the fragrant air and healthy life.


- Relaxing, refreshing, regenerating

Do you feel tired every day? The benefits range from reducing fatigue to relieving insomnia to lowering mental stress. It's time for you to enjoy a good night's sleep and an energetic morning.

- Save your skin

The ultra-quiet ultrasonic portable humidifier keeps your living space clean and properly hydrated. Don't let dry air, dry skin and flu/cold germs ruin your day. Protecting you and your loved ones is easy, especially with the 130 mL water capacity and up to 5 hours of use. The automatic shut-off feature turns the device off when it runs out of water, so keep it on as long as you like.

- For any decor and location

Various color-changing LED lights allows the essential oil diffuser to fit into any room. Watch the mesmerizing display, set it to a single color or even turn it off completely. Keep one in the bedroom for a better night's sleep, one in the living room for the family, and then one in the office for a relaxing refresher at work.

Technical specifications:

Voltage: DC 5V
Power: 3W
Material: ABS + PP
Time setting: 2-8 hours
Tank capacity: 130ML
Inner application area: about 31~40㎡
Noise: <36 dB
Size: 147*100mm

Operation method:

1. Open the top cover;
2. Pour into tap water;
3. Screw the top cover;
4. Connect the power;
5. Open the humidifier.

- Reminder: It is recommended to use the humidifier with clean tap water or mineral water. Do not use essential oils, perfumes or distilled water as this will clog the cotton swab and render the humidifier unusable. Make sure the cotton core is soaked for a few minutes before turning it on.

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