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Portable mini digital camera with 1080p HD resolution

Portable mini digital camera with 1080p HD resolution

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The Portable Mini Digital Camera with 1080p HD resolution, features night vision and motion detection that can meet your recording needs, in case of a house break-in, to keep an eye on your children or while being harassed by strangers !
The wearable camera has independent video, audio and photo buttons, easy to use with SD, to avoid losing important content due to incorrect operation or press not in place!
After connecting the Otg function to your Android phone, you can play video, audio, delete and perform other operations on your phone!
Perfect mini wearable design, with its 1080P and 130 degree wide angle lens, it can capture details clearly, giving you a better idea of ​​what's going on in the room!

It is designed with 1080p HD resolution, night vision and motion detection that can meet your recording needs at any time. You can manually change the night vision mode which provides a clearer view of videos and images while recording. This feature allows you to use these bodysuits for home security, meetings, conferences, etc.

This is a spy camera without WiFi, so there is no network connection problem, just insert the SD card we provide and turn on the power button to start recording video or audio files. You can freely change the recording format for video and audio files as you work and set the date and time on your computer, accurately recording each video and photo. (If there is no SD card, the camera will automatically turn off after a few seconds of power.) You can also use the OTG adapter in the accessories to connect to your phone to watch video.

This mini camera comes with a back clip and a magnetic back, with its small size and lightweight features allowing you to attach it to your pocket, collar, to take it anywhere discreetly.

The design of 180° lens rotation so you can shoot from different angles.
It supports USB charging, which means you can record while charging, and use your computer's USB port, without worrying about running out of battery.

It has a built-in 1800mAh battery, which can ensure video recording for about 15 hours, and audio recording for 20 hours after fully charged.
They support loop recording and non-loop recording format. When you enable loop recording, new files will automatically overwrite old files. If you are not into loop recording, delete old files when the SD memory card is full in case the device fails to work.

Technical specifications:

Item type: portable mini digital camera
Measurements: 40x15x93.5 cm
Battery capacity: 1800mAh
Charging times: 3 hours
Autonomy: 15 hours video recording / 20 hours audio recording

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