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Dimmable table lamp with USB and wireless charging, white color (HD1903W)

Dimmable table lamp with USB and wireless charging, white color (HD1903W)

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You can use any mobile phone with wireless charging function, place the phone on the wireless charging pad of the table lamp and the phone will be charged automatically. The side of the table lamp has a USB charging port, you can also use the USB cable to charge your phone. Two charging methods, free to choose.

The LED wireless charging table lamp has 28 high quality beads, 3 different lights, respectively white light, warm light and mixed light, 5 kinds of brightness can be adjusted by the touch sensitive panel. It is suitable for studying, working, reading books, making up, etc.

The eye-protecting smart table lamp has a CRL above 80, The lighting is more natural and soft. It will not tire your eyes, even after a long time of use, whether you are working, studying or reading. Aluminum lamp housing for more energy saving and efficient heat dissipation. Life time more than 20000 hours.

The table lamp has a 180° bendable head, a 90° bendable arm for almost any imagined position. The base of the desk lamp includes a set of weights to ensure balance when using it. When not in use, the foldable lamp head saves the most space, you can carry it at any time, to the office, living room, bedroom, college dormitory and other places.

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Nr.1 Table lamp

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