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Vacuum cleaner for blackhead removal - Facial cleansing using a hydroaspirator

Vacuum cleaner for blackhead removal - Facial cleansing using a hydroaspirator

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Vacuum cleaner for blackhead removal

Cleans pores through water circulation, removes blackheads gently and painlessly without harming the skin

3 suction levels, suitable for oily skin, normal skin and dry skin, ready to meet the needs of different skins.

Equipped with vacuum adsorption technology, the blackhead remover has powerful suction and deeper facial cleansing ability, obviously frees you from facial problems including blackheads, pimples, Acne, Fat, excess, skin dead and makeup residue, skin tightening after continuous use for 2 - 4 weeks.

The blackhead aspirator removes facial blackheads, dirt and dead skin cells. Reduces wrinkles, firms the skin. It features a large screen display that lets you clearly know the current working mode and battery level.

It is safe to use, recommended for all skin types, and has an elegant design.

Technical specifications:

Name: Small bubble beauty device blackhead remover
White color.
Material: ABS
Size: about 20.6*4.7cm
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Rated power: 2W

Package contents:

1x Facial Cleanser
1x USB cable


Before first use, carefully read the relevant instructions (safety precautions)
Do not excessively shake the product, turn the product upside down, or block the exhaust port with your hands during use
Don't stay in the same place on the skin for a long time, you have to keep sliding and lifting
This machine can add non-viscous nutrients such as hot water

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