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Automatic wireless hair curler USB wireless curling iron

Automatic wireless hair curler USB wireless curling iron

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Say goodbye to messy and tangled cable.

Without cable constraints, you can curl your hair anywhere.

- You can set the temperature (150℃, 160℃, 170℃, 180℃, 190℃, 200℃)

- Curl time (8S, 9S, 10S, 11S, 12S, 13S, 14S, 15S, 16S, 17S, 18S) and curl direction (left or right).

All settings are displayed on the LCD screen.

With the timer you can set the seconds you want rotate the curls , set the temperature and choose whether the curls should be on the right or left.

Also perfect as a Gift Idea!


It can be easily carried in your bag, it is very convenient for the hair stylist of every day every day or to take while traveling or on holiday


It's really very comfortable and you can use it at any time


Made in few minutes your favorite hairstyles

5000 mAh 18650 high capacity battery, 20/30 minutes of use (maximum power)

It recharges in just 3 hours

It can also be used as power banks to charge your phone or tablet (5V/2A Micro USB charging cable included). Don't worry anymore if your phone is out of battery and you have yours favorite curling iron with you!

Portable, also suitable if you travel.


When first used, the curling iron takes 2-3 minutes to heat the central shaft.

It has 6 curling times:

If you have thick hair, use a longer curl time, but if you have thin hair, set a short time.

When using for the first time, the battery must be fully charged. Press and hold the "Power" button until you hear a beep.

For the first few times of use, it is recommended to curl small locks at a time.

Package Contents:

1 hair curler

1 Comb

2 hairpins

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