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5 pcs Paw Hair Catcher Remove Hair for Dogs and Cats Pets Home Cleaning for Laundry

5 pcs Paw Hair Catcher Remove Hair for Dogs and Cats Pets Home Cleaning for Laundry

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The hair catcher that will solve your problems. It will collect all hairs from your clothes, sofas, armchairs, linens, beds.


Reusable and elastic

Zampina Acchiappapeli is the innovative hair catcher that with a single pass captures all those annoying hairs and lint that always remain stuck to your clothes. Practical and elastic, you can use it easily and reuse it whenever you need it.

Also perfect in the washing machine!

Use the magical Hair Catcher both in the washing machine and in the dryer: the rotating movement will help it cling to the fabric, trapping hair and dust.

Adhesive and washable

Zampina Acchiappapeli is adhesive and sticky! Collects all hair and dust residues easily and with just one pass.


After use, simply rinse the hair catcher under running water or wash it in the washing machine. Pooch Remover always remains adhesive and ready to use.

Where can you use it?

With just one pass of the Hair Catcher you can remove hair, dust and other debris from: Clothes, Sofas, Armchairs, Linens, Beds. It is also hypoallergenic, for 100% complete and safe cleaning!

With the Hair Catcher Zampina you can easily remove hair and other debris from linens, beds, clothes, jackets, blankets, sheets and anything washed and dried!

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